Pittsford Area Schools

9304 Hamilton

Pittsford, MI 49271


Whitbeck School, District #9, Located at the corner of W. Yost and Tuttle Roads, Pittsford Township



Students at Whitbeck School, 1908

Sent by teacher Leonard Porter to his niece Hazel, April 1, 1908.  Text reads, “Hello Hazel - this is not an "April Fool".  This [is] one half of the school where I taught.  The other half were home with whooping cough the day I took this picture.”



1927 Whitbeck School Students



First Row, Left to Right: Bud Taylor, Arthur Mohr, Joe Siegel, Anna Carncross Mohr, Dorothy Mohr Swander

Second Row: Leo Taylor, Junior Hinkley, Gerald Mohr, June Carncross Weaver, Evelyn Porter, Jack Siegel, Blair Losey,

Third Row: Roy Carncross, Robert Barr, Vernon Mohr, Jesse Siegel, Max Carncross, Teacher, Rose Larabee