Pittsford Area Schools

9304 Hamilton

Pittsford, MI 49271


Original P.H.S. building.
Located on School Street in Pittsford
photo reproduced from the cover of the
1923 Pittsford Yearbook

The first class graduated from what was originally known as Pittsford Agricultural School in 1892.  The superintendent that year was Frank Aldrich, and the two graduates were Alice Bailey and Arta Hunker.
    In 1939  the present school was built and consisted of what is now the east wing.  The west wing, which now houses the lower elementary classes, was built in 1952.  In 1962, the large gymnasium was added and the lower and upper schools were attached.  Pittsford continued to expand to meet student needs with building projects in 1987 and 1989.  In 1998, additional classrooms were added and existing space refitted as a high school computer laboratory.